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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hello All,

Typewriter is the longest word that you can spell using only one row of keys.

As you know, this is my second year at Tecumseh! and I continue to love it just as much as the very first day. 

When you do a show for a long time, special days happen. Like your first show, your 50th show, and so on. 

I can offically state that I recently had my 100th show of Tecumseh! I have never done a show 100 times before and not many people have been able to say that either. It is a special thing that happens, when involved with a long running show. 

My 100th show was last Saturday, however for my sake I don't can't rainouts. This means that my 100th full show was yesterday, but my 100th paid show was Saturday! 

What is even more nuts, 100 shows is nothing compared to Raybud. Last night completed something VERY FEW PEOPLE have EVER done! Raybud has now done 3,000 shows! Incredible it you as me! That is a huge honor to be able to do something like that for as many years as Raybud has been apart of this show! 

I don't know if I will ever see 3,000 shows of the same show, but stranger things have happened! 

Brings me to this question: What is the longest you have ever done a show? What is the longest you would ever do a show?

Have a b-e-a-utiful Thursday and make sure to continue to make it speacial! You never know when something as greatt as 3,000 will come around.

Daniel Sukup 

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