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Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4th Celebration on the Mountain


I hope you all had a safe and amazing 4th of July! It is crazy to think that it is already July! It means that I will be graduating in 5 months!! WOW! Anyways, I have to talk about what we did on the Mountain for the 4th.

As you all should know, the 4th landed on a Friday and we had a show. Now much celebrating that day. However, we held our celebration on July 6th.

We had many activities. Including the famous Road Race or as it should be called this year: Mountain Race, for we did not run in the road. The course was about 2.4 miles long.

This year I did not run because of joint pain and I need to make sure that I take care of my self!

The great thing about the Road Race is that you have to get sponsored to participate. The sponsor usually makes you wear something. It can be a t-shirt, sharpie, or (to your left) a bra with a mustache. Elisha was sponsored by the Clubmen. She wore that bra as she ran the race.

We had 9 participants this year and each were sponsored by someone in the cast or a group of people in the cast. From the Control Tower to Creane's Dead Body. Then they ran at 11am.

After the race was finished, we all started to get ready for the July 4th picnic!

This year, we had a Desert cook off! About a handful made deserts, including me. The only rules to the contest were: have it on the table at the time of the Picnic to be judged. Two categories were chosen: Best in appearance, and best tasting. Winner would get a $20 gift card to Coffee Craze and Rayz.

I decided to make a Banana Split Desert. It had 5 different kinds of fruit! I woke up at 6:30am to start making it on sunday.

To the right was my desert. I apologize for not being able to rotate the image for you all. But there it is. I won for best Appearance! Holy, who made an amazing Strawberry Dump Cake won for best tasting. Let me tell you that cake was incredible!

We had a wide variety for deserts from a Cheesecake to Oreo Balls. All of them were incredible!!

I should mention the judges were picked randomly out of a hat!

After the decision was made on the deserts the food was open to all! Let the Games begin.

Our Desert Table!

Cook out time!

Four Square anyone?

Volleyball.. Sand Volleyball that is. 
Deer Nuts and Corn hole!!

Above you and enjoy looking at all of the activities that we had. From Volleyball to Foursquare and we even had CHALK!! It was an amazing day, and the weather could not have been any better! I will be posting the rest of the images on Facebook later today! Check them out when you get a chance!!

After the Picnic, a group of us went to see 'Deliver Us from Evil'. I will say that it was entertaining, but the storyline was not the strongest. However, I did not feel like it was a waste of my $7!

That concludes our adventures of July 4th on the Mountain! I hope each and every single one of you all had a memorable July 4th! Have a safe and pleasant week!

Until Next Time,

Daniel Sukup 

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Tami Sukup said...

Congrats on dessert win!! Glad to see you enjoyed a belated 4th of July. Sorry we couldn't stay to share in the event.