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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturday show


Wow! I want to start off by saying that last nights show was incredible! What an amped up crowd!! 1047 what the offical total! 

My fights felt very strong and the acting was great. For me it was a strong show! 

Meet and greet was amazing last night! Infact it was the best I have ever had at Tecumseh!! 

But first I want to talk about a boy that I witnessed in the audience. 

This boy was sitting house left and wearing a red sweater. When I was watching Red Horse, I noticed this boy standing up/kneeling on his chair. I was curious why? 

Well it was durning the cutting of the captive and the rest of the scene. He was trying to get a better look at the captive and the cuts that were made on him. This scene sparked his interest and he wanted to see more of it. I hope that is correct.

When I witnessed this happen for the split second, it made me think,durning my post-show, to find ways to continue to drive the show, to make this experience even stronger for him. It also made me think how I have been impacted by theater and that we just did it to that little boy

When you see somthing so incredible it changes you, influences you, and empowers you it is life changing.  We just did that to him. He may not know it know, but he will remember this experience for the rest of his life. 

I was sad to find out that he did not go to meet and greet, but I know he was thrilled about this performance and loved every minute.

 Knowing that we are impacting people should empower us as actors to continue to push through the hard times of a show and give it 100% all the time. You never know who you will impact. This boy may get a career that relates to this show somehow (I.e. Hostorian, detective, actor, etc.) and we did that to him!:)

Always power through, be focused, be present, give it yor all, you never know who you will impact. 


Now I do have to move on. Meet and greet was incredible last night! I meet so many amazing people that were simply thrilled to see the show. Some any first timers last night that simply loved the show. 

I had one moment last night that was incredible. 

There was this patron that had her camera out. 

I asked, "selfie?"

She responded,"yea"

And I repeated,"yea!!"

This started out at conversational volume, And then we both challenged each other to who could be the loudest and most excited for a selfie!! 

She won! Hands down! We were laughing so hard after that, I had to thank her for that! I guess we were so loud that it made almost everyone question what was going on. Thinking something was wrong. 

If I get a note for doing that a meeting and greet, I will laugh and have to explain what happened! Hopefully they will laugh to! The patron started the challenge!:) that moment for both of us will for ever be remembered! She was so happy about it that we could not stop laughing about it. Finally she did get her selfie....or many selfies! I think in the end we took 5 different selfies!:) if I find them on Instagram, I will post them!

That is all from last night! Hope the weekend is going great! Have a good Sunday!!



Anonymous said...

Sounds great bud .... Keep grabbing the horns

Love ya dad

Nancy Schaaf said...

Yes you will be impacting lives everyday for the rest of your life Daniel!!

beverly said...

Daniel you are all great no matter how many people at the show it is so great to be able to watch all of you and relax especialy if you need cheering up like I do sometimes I love everybody in the show you are my second family I really mean it

Daniel Sukup said...

Thank you all so much for the comments!! I do love what I do and I love being that inspiration! Thank you all!:)