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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cedar Point trip #2

Hello all,

This is my report of Cedar Point trip #2

Let me just start off by saying that I still have not had a bad experience at Cedar Point! This park is simply incredible!! Being there for 13 hours, you would think I would get bored with it, but nope!

On the weekends they let coaster club member enter the park 10 minutes early to have the first ride on Millie. 

There I am! By single rider bob! He is such a character! To be honest it is an honor to be able to ride with him!

After many rides on Millie, we decided to head to the other rides. This included Raptor and Wicked Twister. Bob and I rode together for an hour and half before he had to go home and grill out. 

Hope your cook out was awesome!!

After this, I started wondering the park. I can offically say that I have rode everything that I can ride without taking a child. 

I did not know this was going on today, but it was something I will do. For every ride given, 10¢ were to be donated to this hospital! I rode it multiply times! Wish I would have rode more!! I will let you know how much they raise once I find out. 

This area has one of my favorite rides in the whole park. Can you guess what it is??

Yes, I finally made it this time to pet some of the animals!! I love the petting zoo and hope they never get rid of it!! Goto this!!

I was looking for a lazy day, to a point, and I never rode these cars! It was really cool riding this ride and suggest riding it. You never know when it will be gone. 

Ok, to be honest I never see amusement park shows. I am there for the rides not the shows. However I wanted to see a show. I could not tell you the name of this show, but I will say that I laughed my head off and Throughly was amused for 45 mins. I suggest seeing a show at Cedar Point. 

Hopefully they will make this ride a floorless ride next year! If not, oh well! Still love it!!

Iron dragon wAs awesome as always!! 

I did not take a photo on the coaster!;)

Storm rolling through. We had strong winds, heavy rain, and the general public left! :) the last two hours were incredible at the park!!

Beautiful sunset! I was riding Gemini and I had to take this shot! Amazing! No I did not take my phone out on the ride!!

Finally to end this post:

There is this thing called a "tweetup" and you can win stuff. This coin is what I wanted to win so bad! I have tried two other times and finally I got it!! 

Thy started this last year and I have that one! Only 500 coins are giving out each year and I know have both of them!:)

Have an amazon week ad be prepared for AUGUST!

Daniel Sukup 

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