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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer to end

Hello all,

The end is near, summer (my favorite season) is almost to an end and the most dreadful time is coming. I dare not to say it!

You may all be like, Summer just started!! Yes, but I have one more month of Summer and then it is school time! My very last semester at school!

Summer is almost over, Tecumseh! 2014 season is almost over, and the same question gets asked: where did it all go?

Time has a weird was of flying by quicker each day. I don't know how it works, but it does. I am only 28 shows left until this season is over! I am not a fan of that number in any form.

At this point I have almost done T! 50 times this season and almost 125 times in total! Where did these shows go?

I have formed so many memories and continue to form lasting relationships! I hope that I will continue to have this opportunity to perform for many years of my life. It is something that I cannot put into words, but it is simply me. It is hard to explain.

I hope that each and everyones summer has been going great! filled with memories that will only enrich your live to a new degree! I hope they have been safe but thrilling at the same time! You only get one 2014 summer, make it AMAZING!!

I will leave you will a look ahead:

Look forward to post about what I have been baking! I have gotten the baking bug and I want to share!

This weekend I will not be going to Irish Fest (awe), but instead I am having a beautiful day of relaxation! BUT WHERE? Find out more soon!

Only 4 sundays left until I have to be back at school, what could be planned those sundays? Well find out tomorrow, when the month event post comes out!:)

Finally: I have the opportunity to do something that is going to be VERY unique, but what is it? Well I will give you a hint: it deals with amusement park!

Many exciting things ahead, many surprises, some details that need to be ironed out, but you will all be the first to know!!

Have a great weekend,

Daniel Sukup

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