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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

As many of you should know, it was CHRISTMAS! Yesterday! Christmas in July, that is! 

That means Santa came to the mountain for a special visit to is poor actors!;) 

It was our Christmas in July party last night and it was such a thrill!!

We had a wide variety of food, drink, and of course presents!

Serving is our food! It was beautifully good! Wings, ribs, egg casserole, and many vegetables. All of it was incredibly good. I think I was more thrilled becuase I did not have to make food after the show!:)

Our presents started to line up! Santa was about to come!

I was so excited to meet Santa that I forgot to take photos of him! 

Anyways, we had Secret Santa and I had our makeup artist! Let me tell you that I new what she was in to and for the past week have been "haunting" her. Lola Green is this doll that I bought and was processed. In the end, the doll was dismantled and used for the final gift. 

I managed to get her some vintage books, an old newspaper, and a beautiful mask that can hang on her wall!

I was about playing games this full week and last night was not any different! She had to go find her gifts! 5 areas she had to look to find them all!:) 

After the presents the night ended and it was time to go back to sleep!:)

Tomorrow (Sunday) is going to be a big day! You will find out tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a ball ,,, memories to look back on

Love ya dad