New Experience

Friday, June 27, 2014


The movement of life happens,
It sways with the beat,
A rhythm that can be heard. 

One may say that it dances,
Swiftly like a swan in the morning.

When you live life,
You experience it,
The ups,
The downs.

Don't be afraid to try,
To become one with the dance.

Take ever moment in,
Every sway,
Every step,
Every move.

Stop to look,
Stop to see,
Stop to feel.

Today is a day that needs to be wrote,
You have the pen to your journal.

Take it,
Use that pen,
Create your marks,
Your Rhythm, 
You dance.

Don't regret a mistake,
Own the mistake,
It is unique, 
It is only.

When life gets you down, 
Always look up.

Find something new,
Right this second maybe your last,
You never know,
I never know.

Lets have a competion,
To see who dances the most,
The longest,
The weirdest.

Take that beat of life,
And own it,
Be strong, be present, be powerful.

You have one shot.

You are unique, 
You are great,
You are only.

Don't spoil your mind,
Feed it with health. 

Time is not on your side,
But you can, 
Take the beat and work with it,
Make it yours,
Make it special. 

You have one shot. 

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