New Experience

Monday, June 30, 2014


As I sit in this heaven
I soon realize
This is not a dream

As I look up
I see the sky, the clouds
I feel the wind, see the leaves dance

As I lay and look around
I notice that this is real
It is truth, it is life

As I write this
I realize I am awake
I am present 

I have found it 
What I have been searching for
A place in this world that is heaven

Heaven is for real
It is the blood of nature
The vanes of the trees
The buzz of flies

Nature is a physical heaven
It may not be yours 
But it is mine

If you treat it 
Like a fear
Like a wound
Like a war

Then she will treat you 
With so much more 
Fear, war, destruction

She will win 
She will be ruler
No matter what it takes

She will rage war
She will kill
She will destory
She will avenge 

Now if you Work with her
She will work with you 

She will deliver 
She will be friend

Now the question begs
What side are you on?

Wrote this while sitting in Great Seal State Park a while back. 

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