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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Family and Memories

Hello all,
This past weekend I had some very special guest come visit me in Chillicothe! I bet you can guess who they were! If not, they were my Parents and my Godfather Greg!

We had so much fun this past weekend and so many great memories were formed that I so will not forget! 

They arrived saturday around 3pm and surprised me at the coffee shop while I was watching a soccer game! 

We were able to have lunch that afternoon before I had to go to work. 

They did not see the show saturday, however I raced to get my post show stuff done to be able to see them that night! 

Sunday we had the full day to ourselves! It is my day off and we all decided to go to Hocking Hill State Park! We went to the major attractions at Hocking Hills. The Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, and Old Man's Cave. We did not make it to Rock House this summer, but we will next summer, if I am back! 
Below are the adventures taken at Hocking Hills:

This was Ash Cave. It was our first stop of the day! Ash Cave features a 100 foot tall water fall and a beautiful look at some of the best hidden secrets of Ohio!

This photo to the right was taken as we were hiking to the top. I really should not say hiking, because they have stairs. Anyways, you can see all three of them in a very blurry photo!:)

Now when we finally got to the top, only took some time because I wanted to explore, my mom wanted a photo on top of the ledge you see in the photo. This really does not do it justice. The ledge she is sitting on is about 100 feet above the ground. This was near the waterfall in that area.

I go on top of the waterfall and looked down, don't worry the waterfall was not going strong and I was being very safe. I stayed on solid dry rock and laid down and looked over.

Ok on the left and right we took selfies on one of my favorite parts of the Hocking Hills: The old Fire lookout tower! It stands about 90 feet off the ground and we climbed, or walked, all the way up to the top! This is a big deal because it really is not a easy as it sounds. Once up there, it gets very nerve racking by thinking that you have such a small surface area holding you up as you are walking up these steps. Non-the-less we made it and had to take some selfies to show off to the world!

 This image shows you well what we climbed. The stairs get smaller and smaller as you climb up to the top! It was really neat to be able to look out and see all of the Hocking Hills area!

If you get a chance to go here you need to!
It is worth the trip and it one of the best kept secrets of Ohio!

Now we are going to go a little out of order and talk about my adventures that I have to have when I go somewhere new! This photos were taken at Old Man's Cave and I decided to do some exploring!!

The photo to the right is an image showing how small the crack was that I wanted to go into. However I could not manage to fit in that spot, but I was determined to see what was on the other side!

This happens to be the other side of that small crack. It was a much larger path that provided a great hiding spot and nice shelter from the heat. It was really dark on this path but it was very neat!

Below is a photo of a ledge that I found to be really cool. With blogger being a big jerk right now, I am unable to show you the height of the ledge or the awesomeness that I saw from the ledge. However this photo does do some justice on the path that I had to take to get to this ledge I am talking about.

This ledge that I made it on was about 75 feet off the ground and provided amazing views below and all around. It was very secluded and provided some peace. I will have to go bace here to sit there and listen!

Now we are slowing getting back on track. This is the famous face in the tree, tree. Ok it may not be that famous, but to me it is!! I love this tree and I will always take a photo of it! If you can find this tree in the Hocking Hills then you have to send me a photo!!

To the right is a snap shot of the Old Man's Cave. He lived in this over hang for so many years until he was discovered. I can't remember if he was dead or alive upon discovery.

 And finally my mom going through a small man made cave to get to the lower part of this attraction. It was a greatly cool view and fun to go through these small tunnels. I don't want to call them caves because they are man made.

After we hit up the rest of the Old Man's Cave, we drove back into Chillicothe and got ready for some dinner.

We ate at the Old Smoke House on water street, and it was AMAZING! I was a treat to buy my parents dinner. It was a Mother's day/Father's day gift. We decided to do that instead of buying gifts. I think it was well worth it because of the memories had at that dinner table!

Finally we got back to the hotel and enjoyed the hot tub and relaxed for the rest of the night!


They saw my TOUR and SHOW!!! They loved the tour, even though it was not as crazy as it could have been. Plus they really enjoyed the Highfall section, where I fall 25 feet on to a fall pad!!

They really loved the show and I could not be happier. They loved seeing me doing different stuff this year and even commented on how many bodies I am carry off this year (4). They also loved the small changes that happened compared to this year.

They mentioned that even though they have seen it once, it was like seeing it for the first time again. They simply just love it!!

After the show they waited of me. I have the best parents ever! I raced to get my post-show done so I could see them again!


Again we did not do much, relaxed and had a great time sitting back and talking.

They went to see the show again, this time focusing more on what I am doing then the show. They do this just to see everything I do.

This was a unique show because during the second act lighting was happening like crazy. It did not rain until 5 minutes after the show, then it came down pouring.

Again they waited for me to arrive, and we drove back to the hotel!


This was their last day here. It was incredibly hard to say our "see you later" but it had to be done!

They left around noon! At least I had the morning with them!

I am forever grateful that I got to spend the time that I did with them! I had such a great time and got to have so much fun with them! I will be looking forward to seeing them at the end of august to move me back into school for my final semester!

Thank you for spending the time with me and have a great rest of the summer!

I love you so much!

Daniel Sukup

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Anonymous said...

I love you bud ....had a great time with you it went way to fast

Love dad