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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Safari Coninues

This will be the final installment of "what is she doing now?" Series! 

We have been sitting in the wilderness for some time now without seeing any action! Some strange reason she has done her "normal" routine by getting on Facebook and sitting there!

Could this be becuase we recently had a student confront her? We may never know! 

How ever, when we started to pack up from our safari, we did catch one final glimpse with much beauty. 

Like normal, she was on her email. What shocked me was her passive sitting. This was something new and we could tell something new was going to happen. 

ZOMG! It was some new website, not Pinterest! I do know that much! She was actively engaged not in the class, but this new fangled site. 

I have to applaud the website designer for making a very beautiful designed site! They managed to... Wait this is not about the site but about her! Ugh. 

For some reason she does not inderstand the value of art history! I wonder what her grade is! If she manages to pass then more props to her! 

Now we continued to pack up our equipment from this safari, this lioness managed to do one more thing that shocked me! 

Yes the computer screen is off! If you notice she has not started to pack up! Then what could she be doing!? Did she lose power? Decide that $1100 sitting at a computer was stupid!? 

I will have to argue that she was simply "checked out" before class was over. This happened with 15 minutes left of class. 

At this point we were don't packing and it was time to leave this amazing safari! It has been an amazing experience to be able to capture such rare photos of these creatures in the wild! 

I can't wait to schedule our next safari! 

Look out for a bonus post coming soon!


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