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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Last Week

It seems more and more I am having this "remembrance" posts.This weeks just happens to be my very last week (before finals) of a spring semester! I will never ever have another spring semester as an undergraduate!

It is extremely crazy thought that 4 spring semesters have flown by quicker then a blink  of an eye, so it seems. So much has happened and I am thankful for it all!

As some of you know, there has been a lot of drama at LU and this has changed my feeling for LU's theater department. However with all of that negativity, I can say with the utmost confidence that this path of my life has been extremely valuable! I have done things that I would never have gotten a chance to do if I  did not attend LU or live in St. Louis

What happened to this time? 

I don't know, other then that it got lived. I can tell you that my time here in St. Louis has been a huge blessing and my walking with God has gotten stronger because of being here.

Since I don't want to fully bore you just yet with all of the AMAZING memories I have had in STL (trust me it is coming next semester!) that you may or may not have been apart of, I will talk about this final week and the stress levels!

First off this week classes are wrapping up! Today happens to be my last Thursday class day of the semester and I am excited. I had my final critique for drawing class and it was ok. I wanted to greatly improve by Thursday! I decided to do another piece, this time with more meaning and backing for everything I did. 

This piece is called 25 steps. Here is an explanation on what I did:

Called 25 steps. 

Everything on the board is 25 step radius from where I was standing. This goes along with our final one drawing "ghost of our consumption" 

I was inspired by many different people. From Kandinsky to Jason Pollock. 

House inspired to do this specifically because of two things: 1) a quote "unfiltered your mind, unfiltered your mouth" and 2) a YouTube video "have the homes less become invisible" 

Both of these clicked in and it dawned on me: "has our consumption become invisible?" 

I then decided to make a project that would be "limited". This limit comes from me standing in one spot and setting a specific distance around me to find uses or inspiration to form art. I thus decided on 25 steps. 25 steps was chosen because it is suggested by various studies that humans will drop their trash in their hand anywhere from 25-40 steps. I decided to choose the lower end because it limits the space a little more. 

The word "unfiltered" is seen in this image. It starts out small then increases in size. This is because this problem of our trash is frightfully increasing and the problem is no changing. 

I wanted to use that word unfiltered to suggest to the audience that we need to "unfilter" our perception and see what we have done to this earth. The D of the word is off the board because if this problem is not handled then we will not see a solution or will not be able to fix it. 

This morning a report was released by our govt. about how bad global warming really is (not bring global warming into this because we should focus on treating our home nicely) and in this article it started we have a few decades left until the next "extinction" event, weather it be true or not begs to be argued. This started the gears for everything stated above. 

There is the longest background of a piece EVER!!

Ok well the rest of the week I am finishing up Art History and beginning to study for that test! It will be an easy one (hopefully) because my last two I have done EXTREMELY well! A 92% and a 95%! I am super pumped!

The last thing this week is Thoroughly Modern Millie is opening up at DaySpring School for the Arts! Look out for a post regarding my experience working this show!:)

Daniel Sukup

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