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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The news is in

For anyone that did not hear, but I was admitted into my first ever art show!!! 

The Juried Student Art show is currently at Lindenwood University until April 27th!! 

I was so excited, I did not know what to expect!!!

Here is my art piece (bottom piece)! It has an official name tag and everything!:) 

A close up image! This was done in my 2D design class. The assignment was to find your "happy place" and make it out of photocopied paper!! Thank you Christina for your guidance!!!

Below was the most rewarding moment ever!!

To see people enjoy your work is incredible! To see then look at it is incredible!! The fact that I was admitted into the art show shocked me!! That means someone out there likes my art!:) 

Now they did have an award ceremony, unfortunately I did not get one. It does not matter because this was my first art show ever!!! Also out of the mixed media category, only 3 were chosen!! That means that I got 2nd or 3rd, they gave a first place award!!!!

Ok well I had to share my excitement!!!!:)

Daniel Sukup 

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