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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What is She Doing Now?


Welcome to the 3rd installment of 'What is she doing now?' This week got really heated! As we observed this lion in her natural state, we see things that have never been seen before! The observation continues as we dive deeper. This week is seems that she is feeling at easy, she does not know we are here now!

We have not gotten any braver to move closer, however the camera lens does provide a great zooming feature! We are hoping that we will be able to upgrade this feature for you, to get an even closer look at this lioness.

First off, the day started off just as usual:

Lately we have noticed that this is starting to be a normal thing. She will get on an educational website to make it seems that she is about to do something productive. We feel that this is a way to lure for prey to come into her space, however we have not seen this to work for her benefit. We are still out for debate for her reasoning behind getting on the educational website!

As this journey continued, we witnessed something that has not been seen to date! We must warn you that the image you are about to see is not suitable for everyone, you have been warned!

This is just unbelievable!! I was staring over at her when I witnessed that she was on Walmart's website! This was so shocking that I did not have time to grab the attention of my partner but was able to take this photo. Lucky my partner was able to witness this strange occurrence after I took the photo. Now why would she be on when we are talking about the Baroque period in Art History? This is just shocking! But maybe it was for educational reasons!

Wait never mind: 

This image just shows why we need to think about moving in closer, since it is hard to tell what this image is. This website belongs to a 4 wheeler company, could not tell you which one, but maybe this is why she was on To buy a 4 wheeler? What does this lioness want to do? Escape?

However the high tension in the air was soon cut and we could see that she is talking to her cubs on Facebook! This is something very normal for this lioness! 

To be honest it was quite nice seeing her talking to her 'cubs', it provides a since of relaxation! 
However that this was soon over:

This final image was more about her reaction then the website. She has this look of I don't give a dam! This is extremely disrespecting when she is in a class to learn from a professor that loves the subject. IT just adds to it that she is on pinterest. I guess I will not ever understand why a person would want to take a class that they are paying over $1,100 for!! RIDICULOUS!!

Thank you for following along on this journey, tomorrow will be a very interesting one! We are taking a test in this class, hope she can handle the pressure! 

Daniel Sukup

P.s. With the title of this blog posting being what it is, I had to post this video:

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