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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beatiful Mornings

Good morning young and restless people out there!

There is so much on the plate today and I am thrilled to be here and now to experience it all! We continue with our final dress rehearsal this week, and then I submit my art work for my first ever submission to a gallery! I need to get accepted but just submitting it thrilling in itself.

That is a super quick update for today! 

I wanted to talk about our news in amercia today! 

I was watching my normal news - cbs - which is usually on for the noise. Today it hit me harder then ever, so hard that I had to switch the channel. Our news in america is not uplifting, not happy, it presents itself arguments, hatered, and seldimly happyness. 

From the missing flight 370, to fracking, to deaths from storm, to an LA police station shooting. We are presented with negativity every morning that I strongly feel that it is effecting our lives. 

Today I was watching the news and suddenly it hit me, I was sick of listeninig to this negativity every morning and I had to switch the channel. There were talking about some murder and I could not stand the news cast members and how they described the event. "He cried uncontrollably..." Did he really or did he just start cry to the point tears ran down his face? This is a very mild example of the over hyped news stories that hit  our eyes every day. 

I was told when I was a life guard to tell the facts, don't over describe this situation. Don't say "there is blood everyrwhere" becuase we all know there is not blood everywhere, but say that "the victim is bleeding out is their nose. The news is taking the facts and trying to sell them for entertainment or should I say: ratings.

If these news stations are trying to sell for dramticness or entertainment, then why should we watch them? I can watch History channel, TruTV, Discovery channel if I want to be entertained! The news needs to good back to telling the news.

We need to get away from the negativity in the mornings and start showing good stories, stories that bring hope and happiness. However we do need to hear some of these major negative events because we may want to do something about them. There needs to be a balance between the two. If you would do this I can promise you that the station will see high rakings. If they can't do this, then make it so I don't feel that I have to switch my channel to watch sponge bob in the mornings.

This morning is so beautiful that it almost got runined by the news and its negativity. I walked out side to one of the most peaceful, serean mornings that i am thrilled that it is waming up! So much so that I will start going to the river in the mornings to watch the sun rise! Laugh at me, but a sun rise is th emost beautiful thing in the world! It is saying that you are alive for another day. A sun set is just a beautiful but it tells us that you survived another day and the day is over, the mystery of the day is gone! 

Anyways I better stop spilling my thoughts on a digital ppaper with digital ink and go to class,

have a beautiful day, and if I don't see you to day have a: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Daniel Sukup

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