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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Kid Again Final Days

April 13th 

Fundraising for A Kid Again ENDS!

If you are planing to donate, please do so before April 13th! 
Please go to my page: Daniel Sukup to give in support of me! 

I am wanting to raise $250! I am currently at $160! That means that I only need $90! We can do this! 100% of proceeds go to A Kid Again, to help CHILDREN with terminal illness to have a day to be a kid again!! 

This foundation means the world to me! These children are facing adult issues and don't get to be a child! Help them to be able to do that!

Here is a parent's daughter essay about A Kid Again!

A few years ago, when my family lived in Reynoldsburg, OH I volunteered with A Kid Again when it was still Adventures for Wish Kids. My daughters joined me on several occasions and those experiences have truly impacted their lives. When my daughter Michaela Ousley, who is now a High School Senior, started her college search, she fell in love with Berea College. She was required to submit an essay of either the worst experience of her life or the best experience of her life. She chose her experience with A Kid Again for her essay. The following is her essay. I'm pleased to announce that as of yesterday, Michaela was awarded a full four-year tuition scholarship to Berea College. Thank you for providing my daughter the opportunity to grow, learn, and give to others. Blessings rain down when you give. She is planning on double majoring in Child/Family studies and Sociology and going on to earn her Masters in Social Work. Who knows? Perhaps she will one day bring A Kid Again to Central Kentucky.
With a grateful heart,
Lisa Aliperti

The Best Experience of My Life by Michaela Ousley

Since I was a small child I have found joy in helping people less fortunate than myself, and one could say I am passionate about serving others. Community service has become second nature in my life; however, one project is especially meaningful to me, and I consider it to be one of the best experiences in my life. I worked with an organization called Adventures for Wish Kids in Columbus, Ohio. With help from volunteers, Adventures for Wish Kids provides events and activities for children with life-threatening or terminal diseases and their families that take the focus off the illness of the one child and allows them to enjoy normal family outings such as holiday parties, trips to amusement parks, and parent/child activities. I personally volunteered at a Halloween party helping the younger children choose a costume, get dressed, and go trick-or-treating, and assisted them with craft projects at COSI. At their Christmas party the same year, I helped wrap gifts for the families and I also served as an assistant photographer shooting family portraits
When I first started working with the children, it was very heart breaking. I met children with cancer who have lost their hair from chemotherapy, children with radiation burns, and others with missing limbs. Spending time with these children and talking to them has helped me develop a sense of appreciation for the health I've enjoyed and sadly taken for granted. Seeing the happiness on their faces made me realize how the little things a person can do for someone else can make a tremendous impact on the lives of others. In one instance we found out that the family portrait my mother, the photographer, and I shot was the very last photo of a certain little boy. He died of cancer two weeks after that photo was shot and his family will treasure that portrait forever. 
Although I was originally there to help them, the children and their loved ones helped me in bigger ways than I think they realize. They have given me the courage to reach out beyond my fears and risk heartbreak for the greater joy. They have made me feel thankful for what I have because it is what they lack and, although they do not know it, they have given me a greater sense of faith because for some, faith and hope are what they are clinging to so desperately while facing terrible odds. They have certainly influenced my decision to work in a service field such as social work or counseling in a school setting. By volunteering with this program, I learned the value of community service and gained an understanding of how important it is for people to use their talents and resources to help the less fortunate. I feel very privileged to have had this unique experience. One of the things I miss most since moving to Kentucky from Ohio is working with Adventures for Wish Kids. I have every intention of working with this organization again sometime in the future 
Please take a read, it is extremely powerful and shows the meaning behind A Kid Again and the impact it can have on people! 

To donate: Click HERE!

If you can donate, I know money is tight, then please share with all of your friends and family!! Thank you for helping me in my final push!!

Daniel Sukup

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