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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just Thinking!

Hello all,

We had our first read through for nightfall! And what fun this will be! Every actor is amazing and super strong! This show is going to be funny but at the same time serious! 

Can't wait to keep you all updated! 

In other news yesterday was the 4th of July -if you did not know that then well are a horrible person! We made it through our show! It was honestly my favorite show for many reasons. First it started to rain about the half way point in act 2! This made the fighting and being on stage interesting enough to make it a very memorable experience! 

Secondly I was having a hard week in trying to stay in the show, but that all changed last night! I was able to get out of my head and have fun and connect again! Early this week I was not on auto Pilot, but it was Routine and I needed to switch it up, this is excatly what I do when I run! I have to have a new path each time or I get bored. 

Over all it was just a very fun show last night and looking forward to tonight!!

Right now I am sitting on top of the sugarloaf mountain, so peaceful and allows me to open my thoughts and think. I have been thinking about what has been going on in the last month and a half! I could not be more thrilled with this experience. At times it feels sureal that I am a working actor. I am in Ohio this full summer, working as an actor! This is so amazing to me! I am so blessed to have this opportunity and I pray that it will continue! 

The cast has been amazing! I could not ask for a better crew to be around 24/7. We support each other in ways that I could not explain other then we are a family tightly bound. 

Thank you to everyone in my life that has helped me reach my dream! I want to extend a bigger thank you to the people that wanted me to turn around and not face my dreams, you all pushed me harder to prove to you that dreams do come true and it can happen to each person if you but your full heart into it. 

Like I tell many people, I would rather live my life doing what I love and retire poor then to live a life not doing what I love and retire wealthy. 

Money is simply paper, it cannot define you. Your dreams, love, passion, and heart define who you are. 

Love you all and sorry for such a long post!:) remember to keep the child in you at all times!

Daniel Sukup


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