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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This is it.


I feel like Michael Jackson for saying this, This is it! (to soon?)

We are in the final stretch of 'Tecumseh!' the worlds greatest outdoor drama. Only 5 shows left to see this amazing show! This summer has flown by so quickly and now the end is in sight. We close Saturday, so make it out to Chillicothe, OH to see this amazing show, but most importantly to see me! As we get close to the end, I have to look back at all of the amazing things this company has taught me!

The past three seasons have been amazing! This was my first big time professional theatre, and I have learned so much in the past three seasons. From stage combat, to horse riding, playing with fire, and my most favorite thing of the show: HIGH FALL! All of these skills will advance me even further into my professional career!

I could not thank my directors enough: Adam Burke and Jenny Male have been amazing to work with and giving me a strong base for my career!

Here are some number to think about for the past three seasons:

222 - Shows

555 - hours of show time

148 - Shows as Kothee

74 - Shows as Leaning Tree

451 - High Falls

11,275 - Feet fallen

148 - Tecumseh! body lifts

592 - Wig changes in the 2015 season

962 - Wig changes in all three seasons

370 - Quick changes

888 - Character changes

Over 100+ New amazing actors that I have met and have changed my life!

Most important: 0 Missed shows, 0 Injuries

All of these in the past three seasons! Some of the numbers are so crazy to me! It is strange to think that it is almost all over. The conclusion of my third seasons is here! Like I said, I have learned so much from this amazing company and there will always be a special spot in my heart for all of this! Tecumseh! 2016 will be here before you know it!

As I wrap up this season, I start to forward to what the rest of the year has to offer me! This is my first full year out of school and I have been working steadily for the last 9 months! Now it comes time to see what will be happening in the fall!

 I already know what I will be doing this fall, but I am not ready to announce this excitement! I will give you a hint that this will be the biggest movement forward in my career to date! In fact, it will be the world's largest! I am not joking about that either! All details will be released soon!

It is always a great thing to look at your past, to see how the dots have connected, to see your growth. Then take this information and fly with it. Reach the stars, once there reach for the end of the galaxy! The dreams only become reality, when starting from a strong base!

My love,

Daniel Sukup


Anonymous said...

Wow bud a very neat list.

Anonymous said...

Dan what a experience you have had ... So fun to watch . So fun to be a part of it all.. Never forget your bridge.. And the side you started from ... I love. You with all my heart ... I am proud you fell so many times and just kept falling.. Amazing stats for the first 3 years.. Keep the head up ... Look adventure in the eyes and say hey sup.. Grab the horns ... The ride is worth it ya dad