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Friday, August 21, 2015


What an interesting word... Humanity

When we get up in the morning, what makes us want to be negative? What makes us want to hate or spread anger?

I personally find it very interesting that we are a species that seems to spread hate around more then any other species. We throw down words as if they are swords, and sometimes we throw down swords to kill. Any more, each of us is getting reticulated in some way, from religion, race, ideas, and everything else that makes us human. When did this start happening? Has it always been this way?

I don't know how to answer those two questions, but I do know that I wish it would change sometime soon. More and more we hear stories of anger and distrust and never the stories of love and beauty. We have to rant on Facebook, just to prove we are right. We have to cruse out people because they don't have what we need. We feel like we are kings on the road that deserves everything for them, while the rest have to bow down to us! What makes us do this?

Personally, it breaks my heart to see this. We are all apart of one race, playing this game called life, wanting to live life to the fullest. But somewhere in this mix of what we want to do for our lives, we forget or neglect people on the way. We are all brothers and sisters in this world, can we start treating each other like so?

Yes, I understand that brothers and sisters fight, a lot. I am not a single child and I fought with my brother so much, but we never stopped loving each other, we never stopped being family. I know for a fact that my brother would drop everything to help me if I needed it and I would do the same. Why can't this be the human race?

When someone does not have what you want, do you need to cruse them out? Is it their fault? Is it so hard to be positive and then move on till you find what you need?

Next time you are on the road, you flip off a person, did you really accomplish something? Did you put the fear of you in them? Or did you just look like a jerk because someone made a mistake?

We are not perfect, even if we were 'perfect' how would we know what it is? There are 7 billion people and each person has a different idea of perfect... that would be 7 billion perfects. Impossible. We all make mistakes, to acknowledge that is the beauty of humanity.

Next time you cruse out that person, take a moment to realize how you would feel if someone just did what you did to them. Apologize and move on.

As a human race we need to stop this hate, and realize no one has the key to life, no one has the answers, and no one is perfect. We all struggle, we all feel, we all have ups and downs. I challenge you to make a simple impact on someone and bring a smile and not a frown (wow that was corny).

The funny thing about this post, we all have read things like this. Spread positive not hate, we all took the 'I wold never do that' oath, but somehow we forget this all until we step back and look at what we have done.

Am I perfect, (God, I wish I was) but hell no I am not! I make so many mistakes that I could right a book and I am only 23! Does that makes me any less significant then the next person? Hell no! Does acknowledging this make me any better then the next person? Hell no! But it does help me to realize that I am not alone in this game and I could easily lead a helping hand.

In this day of age, burning a bridge could mean death. Don't ever burn a bridge, you never know when you will need to use that bridge again.

In closing, all I am saying is be a decent human.

Daniel Sukup


Anonymous said...

Wow bud very dad

Tami Sukup said...

Love all your thoughts. Just think if everybody in the world would just realize this, there would be no wars. It's really a very simple concept, but people just don't understand how easy it would be to stop it all. By the way you "curse" instead of "cruse" people out. Darn spell check. LOL. I love your blog and that you care to take the time to do this and also that you care about humanity.

Love you forever and always, Mom