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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Discovery about life

My life has been very interesting, to say the least. I have been thinking about my life, specifically how I can achieve the best fulliiment or "living to the fullest" as I walk down this road. I may have wrote about this eariler in my blogs, but I have confidently found how I achieve fulliement. There are 3 components to this idea:

1) it has to be a challenge (physical or mental) and can't be "safe"
      This is what simulattes my mind, forces me to fiind a way, to think. When I have something that is a challenge it allows me to have a greater sense of accomplishment when the challenge is completed. After getting off that rush, I need to get back to it. I need to be but on this edge to feel awake.

2) I need to not have a set path, variety, mystery to lead my life
     If I know where I want to go, what path to take, then I feel that I am playing it safe. If I don't know then I can see things that may have been over looked. Not knowing what is next allows me to open my senses and see everything for what it is and not thorugh a filter or a narrowed vision.

3) I cant know the outcome, or how it will play out (let alone how it will start)
     If I know how it will end, then I may not like the finish. Feeding ff the mystery, the end can be the best outcome. You never know how the dots connect until you look back. If we know how they will connect by looking forward, then the adventure of the end is not a full as not knowing.

I have discovered that these three items will make me the happiest, most fullied, and a live. It may seem crazy of an idea, and you may be thinking this is stupid, dangerous, or I am out of my mind. Quite possibly  you are right, but that is the beautiful thing about life. There are 7 billion of us and only one Daniel P. Sukup that is from Iowa! 

We all need to figure out what makes us full, happy, and unique. We all need to stop with the social norms and be ourselves and listen to our durm and not the factory made. This has been a simply self discovery that I needed to answer myself. I had answered these questions before, but I have not been able to answer them under a different setting. 

I challenge you all to do this. What makes you feel the fullest, the most happiest, the most unique?

Thank you,
Daniel Sukup

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