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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

With Age it All Makes Sense.

Well that title is about 10% true. Let's be honest, for all of my friends and family that is older then me, does it really make sense when you get older? 

In my experience, somethings have started to make sense, but I feel I am left with more questions then answers. However, one things is for sure, growing up and moving out has provided me with more answers then questions. 

When we are all children, we don't have this understanding of time, we frolic through the vines of adventure as if time was never in existence. We take for granted the moments with our family and tend to argue more then love or appreciate them. We eventually get to the point that we wish we were free from their grasps. As exciting as that seems then, it has been more brutal then any other wish. I wish I would have listened to Peter Pan sometimes. 

On the flip side, it is a beautiful wish. From college to "the real world", I have come ever more closer to my parents the further I have gotten from them. Every second with them is a dream of reality that is more magical then a first visit to Disney World. 

As for the part that make sense; we need to grow up to understand the beauty we had as a child to be able to grow and see the world for what it is: a gift. For myself, it has been the biggest lesson I have learned from life: time moves fast and we need to be awake to experience the greatness. 

Personally I feel that if I had not made that "wish" when I was younger then I would not have the appreciation I have now for family, friends, and life. 

I may still have many question and few answers and I am only 23, but the answers I do have, have allowed me to have a new understanding of life, family, and the world around me. Knowing that at any second it will be gone has awaken me to a new degree. 

My challenge to all of you: be awake and don't take anything for granted. Time moves quickly and it can be very scary!!

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Anonymous said...

Dan man you amaze me... You are growing to be a fine young ya dad