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Saturday, June 27, 2015

60 Seconds

Hello all,

I thought I would share with you some advise I got recently when I read an article about how we are not present as much as we should. Present meaning here, alive, awake, in the moment. 

This article gave the readers a challenge, to think you are going to die in the next 60 seconds. This is so short of time that you can't plan what you would want to do. This is to allow you to open your eyes and see, be aware. As if this is going to be your last time you would see the objects in front of you. 

As crazy as this sounds, I wanted to try this thinking, wanted to see if it would work. At first it was weird to think I have 60 seconds left, but when you started to think it with your heart and understand that what you were seeing would be gone in 60 seconds, it woke me up. Everything seemed alive, more beautiful then before, sound was even more crisp.

This is what I have been wanting. Getting away from these distractions and being present with people and the environment around me. This simple exercise did just that, allowed me to set in my understanding about time: nothing is granted more then this absolute second, past that we don't know what will happen and we need to appreciate what is around us. This will lead to so many positive teaches and attitudes in your life. 

It may seem weird at first to try this exercise, but I challenge you all to try it. With full heart, try to realize that we don't have the next minute garunteed to us. 

Now this is just that, an exercise. It is to help us value what is around us now, and throw it around like we are here for ages. 

Simple thoughts, simple minds


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