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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Good Wed-nes-day morning or as some cultures say: Happy Hump day! I have been gone for some time and today I really have the urge to write! Writing is like a meditation that feeds the soul and allows your mind to be cleared.

Before I get into today's topic, I want to let you know what I have been doing in the past few weeks! Ever since the beautiful app Enlight has been released on the app store, I have been working on my photography! I have attached some of the recent shots that I have taken!

Follow me on INSTAGRAM for more information and images! I have some huge news coming this summer, but you will have to follow this blog to find out more!

Now to todays topic:


It has been very interesting working with Missoula Children's Theatre and staying with different families. At first this sounded as strange as monkey's talking to a pig. However as I am now officially done to one more week with MCT, this does not sound strange anymore! 

It is weird, when these families open up their home to us, it is more then providing us with a bed and a roof. It is a statement of "Welcome Home!" You are now home! Every single family has been more welcoming then I could ever had imagined! 

Being away from my personally family has been a little hard. I don't think I have ever made 5 full months being away from my family and this was the first. Having these homestays have been incredible and have been a huge help in making this much easier to be away.

I have been a part of over a dozen different families this tour and each on we were a part of them, telling us stories that would be shared to every family member, you know what I mean. This makes it hard to leave the families each week. 

I do know that I will have a lot of families to return to when I come back to MT in the future! As this tour comes to an end, I will miss a lot of stuff, but that is why social media was invented! I have a lot of people to keep in touch with!:) 


I hope that your Winter/Spring has been amazing! Summer is almost here for majority of people and if that is one of you what are your plans?

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing bud ,, made a ton of memories,,I am proud of you ya dad