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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We Learn from Our Past...

We learn from our past...

this is a phrase that we all need to understand. This has been going through my mind lately becuase I have lost a few items lately and I used these a learning lessons. We can and should learn someting from the past. 

When we are faced with a problem we react to what is given. This given is what we need to look at, we need to see how we handles a past event emotionally, physically, and mentally. These three things will help you learn.

What is so important about learn something from the past?

Simple, so it wont be repeated again! If we keep making the same problem or repeating the same past event then what is being learned? You are simply a fool.

We you do get a chance to look at your past, and try to learn form something - be it good or bad - then we can move forward at a faster rate and learn something about us as humans. 

We are all humans and we all make mistakes, we all error, we all have situations that, even bad, can be used to allow us to grow. 

I have been talking about this not only because I have lost items recently and learned that it is just an item that can be replaced, it is not anything big or anything to stress over. 

Byond this however, we can learn about who we are and how others see us, allowing us to have a self exploration time period and grow as humans.

This is a simple lesson I wanted to get off my chest today, don't have a specific reason why....just do

Daniel Sukup

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