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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Time to Balooo

Hello All,

What a week it was preforming as Baloo! This was the first time preforming with the children on stage. Working backstage for the last two week is something special and getting to see all f the great work that is happening and getting to really see the progress is tear jerking. Now I finally get to see what it is like on stage.

Last week was my first time, and it was something special! Getting to be on stage and see, visually seeing, and hearing the progress actually took me out of the production! I sat there amazed by what was happening on stage (I almost missed my line!). I am thrilled to be playing Baloo again this week and am already seeing great progress in rehearsal!

When I was playing Baloo, I did realize that I am doing my dream! I was on stage preforming and it hit me that I am getting paid to be on tour to act! I am a professional Actor! It felt so amazing to be on stage and be alive! This has never felt like a job and that is something I have always wanted!

We are officially on week 4 of this tour, and I can't begin to think how many students lives we have impacted and how much I have learned.  Doing the math really quickly, we have reached over 450 students just in 4 weeks time!! Some of these students have learned so much!

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Where I be in 5 years times, I used to be able to answer that! Now, I can't even answer where I will be in 2 months! I am ok with this because if we live life planned out, then nothing magical can happen, this journey we are on will cease to breath life into our hearts and minds. Not knowing is apart of the game.


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Thank you for your huge support! As I was writing this blog, I started to write another!:)

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Wow neat read bud,,,love y dad