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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Edit: I just finished this post, and I just relized it was Valentines day! The funnyness of this is that I was reading an article about being single on valentines day, there are two ways we can take this day: 1) be miserable and sad we dont have anyone or 2) CELEBRATE the love of God! Ha, sometimes God speaks wonders, and just so you all know this post was written today BEFORE I knew it was Valentines day! Hey when you are on tour, all you care about is the day not the date. 

I have pondered if anyone would ask how I come up with a topic to write about. My account on blogger right now has four saved drafts that still need to be wrote, and yet I am starting a new one. 

When ever I open this app, and I want to write, something or someone is telling me to write about a certain topic. For those that have faith, you will understand, and for those who don't, I honestly can't explain it. 

Latly the topic of Generosity has been popping in conversations and also thought. I feel that there is a certain reason for this. In my life I veiw topics like this: if they pop up once in a while then they are not extremely improtant, but if they pop up numerous times in less then a week then we have to talk about something. 

Generosity is not simply giving money, it can be simple as giving time, but the backbone to generosity is to have a reason, even if that reason is simple as "I don't want it anymore!" Each person will find their one reason for generosity, and for me it comes back to that faith I was speaking about a few sentences back.

Just like this post, I am writing it because I had this reason, I had this urge to talk about it, an unexplainable urge to talk about it. I felt that something needed to be said, wether it is an extened thank you to those who have been generous to me or maybe an eye open for me to open up my generosity. 

One area I have struggled with is letting go of my money, I have many people that can contest to that. I have always been a save and not a spender. This is great in real world talk, but not in spirtually talk. If you have been reading my post, I had one about lessons of life annd who we need to learn from ths journey we are on. 

As I have been on tour, and offically on my own (no collage, or school) and I am finally getting to file taxes, I have been presented with many lessons that are helping me with my next journey. This generosity is one of many lessons, and I am talking about it becuase it will show me a digital reminder to work towards it. Each homestay has been teaching me many things in life, one to be more generous! 

Ho can I be more generous on an Actors pay? easy: put faith in God and one will see the grow he can provide. This is an EXTREMELY hard statement and as I type this I wish it was easier, but it aint! (Aint is a word) For me, this is my lesson, this is how I can be more generous to other in this real world around me, this is how I can grow. I used "I" becuase this is not the answer for everyone.

You have to find the reasons for yourself through your own journey to answer "How can I be more generous?"  Then you will see the gifts that will come, as strange as that may seem.

Note to self: do not lack on past contracts that have been made.

Much love ahead,

Daniel Sukup  

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Bud nice post.... Glad things are going dad