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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Job Behind the Job

A Tour Update 

Missoula MT
What a crazy 5 weeks it has been on the road! I have been to 5 towns/cities that I may have never gotten to! I have seen the height of beautiful mountains, I have seen the flat of MT, I have seen the canyons that divide, and I have see the beauty in people that I have never met! 

What is beautiful about this job, is it is almost like we have two jobs. Meaning the first and most important job is to put this show on it feet in a week, and the second job is meeting all of these people who have the most amazing stories to be told. Now before I continue I have to define "job". From me this job is not a job, yes I get paid but it is so much more then that. Job simply means an activity that comes with pay. YES technically I get paid for one of the two I listed.

Columbia Falls, MT
We all know the show I am doing: The Jungle Book, and it has been a blessing to be on tour, an amazing experience around every corner, and a lesson builder for myself. Each of these have such a heavy impact to my life that I can not wake up each morning with a sad face, but instead wake up with the most enthused face I can have. Every morning I wake up, I get to work with students that don't get theatre, that don't have art, and this is all the have. Every morning, I get to push these students to their max and see amazing work come from them. Every morning, I get to live in communities that have crazy amount of love for Missoula. And every morning, I get to wake up knowing that I impacted their lives in a way that could change their life forever! I think I have one amazing job! 

Vaughn, MT
For 5 weeks I have been on the road, we have had almost 300 students work with us, we have had over 130 families see their child on a stage and rock it, and we have had people who have never see theatre and have their second thoughts about how this can be done in a week, and proved them wrong! This is just the scratch of the surface. This is the main job, but the second job is just as much fun!

When on the road, we met so many people. We have our home stays, our school contacts, the contacts helper, and then we also get to met the housekeeping staff, the teachers and professors, the community and everyone in-between. 

Meeting these people is such a treat, we get to hear their stories that they share with much delight. I get to know them on a level that makes the word stranger fall away from the vocabulary. I talk to these people and connect! This is the other side of the job that it just as thrilling as the main job!

Cody, WY
I can tell you about a person who just lost their mother and how hard it has been, I can tell you about a family who knows their family history here in MT, I can tell you about a person who works with young children and wants to know more about theatre, I can tell you about a person who is considering moving back to MT and she told me that I made her mind up and she is going to do it!

World's Shortest River - Great Falls, MT
This is just the starch, I could go on for hours telling you stories about people I have had the incredible opportunity meeting and hearing their story. That last one just happened recently, we were talking about where we were from. After telling her my story about living in STL and how we are building back as a community and then I told her what I have noticed about MT. She agreed with what I said and told me that I made her mind up and she is moving to MT! 

Again, I could type and talk for hours about this experience so far, but who wants to read pages of information like that? I will keep you all updated on the happenings of this tour!:D

Gildford, MT

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