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Monday, February 23, 2015

Everyone has a Story

Everyone has a Story

It is very important to understand that we are all apart of the human race, each of us are connected (even if you don't want to admit it), and with that allows us to have different experiences. Each person has their own story, that is just as fascinating as the next. Unfortunately, with today's society we never really get to know the other persons story unless we spend time with them to learn. In this day of age majority of us have the mentality of "time is money" and that is great, but singles out the most amazing feature of humans: their story.

The story, is your life journey. A journey through the best of times and the worst of times. A journey that you experience 24/7 and no one else. Other people get to be apart of your story, but you are the lead character. The story is something that you get to share to people, that may or may not be involved with your story.

The problem, many people don't want to listen any more, they talk over people, they react instead of sitting back, they are the ones that believe that fiction is better then reality, that Fifty Shades of Grey is the best story in the world, while someone who experienced a life changing event is tuned out over the TV.

Chick Fil' A is one of my favorite restaurants because when they have hired someone, they make them watch a video:

The last sentence of this video: "Every life has a story, if we brother to read it." This is so true, our life stories are surprisingly beautiful and better then any fiction book out there. We can learn how to be more human, to show sympathy, to show compassion, to be human, if we simply take time to listen to their story.

Take the time to listen to someones story, see what happens, you may learn a lot about yourself and them as well!

I have always stated, that if I was president then I would require everyone to write their story down in a published book.

So tell me what is your story?

Daniel Sukup

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Tami Sukup said...

Great video, says a lot. You are great at sitting down and listening to people's stories. You have met some awesome people in the state of Montana, Ohio, St. Louis, New York and will continue to do so as you travel the world.

You are a special person, my Son.