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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wow! This only happens at Graduation!

Hello all,

As every single person most likly knows (that reads this blog) I have Graduated!!! I AM NOT AN UNDERGRAD ANYMORE.....until finals are over! 

I know this is a few days past, but I wanted to talk about graduation as a whole and my experience at my first graduation I cared about! 

I had to arrive before 1pm to check in and get my name card and my cords. I graduated with Magna Cum Laude (what now!). 

Now that I was checked-in I had to stand in my line, and until 2pm we were in line waiting. Lets speed this along!

We walk in, the ceremony started and we could finaly sit down.

We had three speakers: The first one, well had an ok story but did not know how to speak to an audience, the second one had a good message and made it personal (she was my favorite) and the thrid speaker was a self absorb story that was about him saying "Screw you" too a company. I learned that if I have a decsion by a business and they give me 15 minutes, to say screw you! HA

Then the deploma walking stuff. This part was very long and boring. The doctors took forever, the announcer told us who they were, what their degree was, and who was leading them across the stage. BORING! 

As we moved down each degree, I started to think, will the BFA's have to walk up alone? I say alone, because there were only 5 BFA's walking!! Well it was time to find out and.....we walked alone! 

Not going to lie, it was awesome! Us 5 had our own little moment of fame! Everyone looking at us! It was awesome!! I was extremely shocked to here that they pronounced my name correctly!!! 

But that was it! Boring as usual, but rewarding at the same time! I am on my ipad and I don't have the photos with me, but I will have a "graduation photo" post later today!

Get reddy for tomorrow's post to be a sappy and tear jerking one, as it is my last day in STL!!


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