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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The end to the new

Hello All,

Have you ever just sat back and looked at how much you did? I challenge you to do this, as the new year is here for many people, and look back at 2014 and look at the greatness!! Look at what you have learned and how far you have gained! Most importantly, you survived another year!! That is an acomplishment in itself!!

I look back at 2014 and notice that I complished everything I set out to do this year! I stated at the start of this year that I knew something big was going to happen, that this year would make me grow! That just happened!!

I disccovered excatly what I was looking for when it came to my self journey! I finished this journey up about a month ago and have taken all that I learned with in that time to really learn about me! 

I returned to T! this summer and was shocked at who much I loved coming back a second year! I was surprised becuase I honestly did not know what to expect! It was like being there for the first time, but not.

I graduated from university!! That is a huge step and I am super thankful that I was able to do college, and my parents forced me to go to college. I did get bored, but it was a much needed experience and I am thankful for each bit!

I joined a coaster club for the first time in my life and I could not be more happier about this situation!! I was able to attent coaster events and ride Banshee at KI before the public!

I got hired at MCT in Missoula, Montana for a 5 months touring contract that we put on shws with the children and teach them a show in 5 days!!! 

So much more happened in 2014 that I would be here for hours! Each of us had amazing things happen to them, weather it be a job, or a vacation, or new experience, we all had something to make this year a huge success!! 

I know 2015 will be just incredible! I can't wait to see what it has to offerm what new experiences, and the adventues that lie ahead!! I know that 2015 will give me HUGE success in my acting world and I can't wait to experience it all!!

I pray for each of you to look at 2015 as a positive thing and the great postivity that will come!! all you have to do create goals!!

Have an amazing ssssaffe night and day tomorrow!! 


Daniel sUkup

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Anonymous said...

Dan man neat post.. You have grown from Burke parking lot...keep going love YA dad