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Monday, November 10, 2014

Late Night

I find it funny that when you want to write something, nothing comes out. Thoughts can swirl all around your mind but nothing comes onto the digital page! As I sit here wanting to scream from the fury that is inside, from the angry that speaks in my mind, but nothing comes out but the breath of defeat. A silent sound incasing the room, where awkward silence becomes the normal and voice becomes the stranger.

We are living in a time when thoughts and beautiful language exists deathly on a digital screen. We get to visually see the words work together like brother and sister, but don't get to hear the relationship as we read.  Is this a problem or not? People have hunched backs and crooked necks as the beep of a text rings in the air, but next to them a friend remains silent as they walk down the road. Both texting each other as they walk, is this the world we live in?

Will we ever get away from the impersonal relationships that have been formed from the silence become our friend and the digital life becoming the universe? Will we ever step back and se that this was all a mistake and humans need to have a physical life where their inner thoughts come on a page?

I don't know about you, but it is loud in my head, screams of thoughts and ideas swimming in a pool of emotion being held back by the damn of a virtual world. Will it end?

- Sukup

I wanted to publish something today, and I have been sitting here, thinking of something to write. When I decided to write the thoughts in my head, and this come up. I did what my professors have always told me to do: Force yourself to do, work past the wall!

Have an amazing week! This week we are looking at some cool things! I will give you another update on Challenge 365 I have made it to day 20!! I also want to tell you about the library programs I have been working on. Finally, I am planning something huge this weekend! STAY TUNED!

Have a great week!

Daniel Sukup

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