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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Birthday celebrations!

Hello all,

My birthday celebration was incredible!! I had time at the City Museum, P.F Chang's for dinner, Naked Vine for a little wine, and Elephant Bar for a little desert. Had great company with friends and this was possibly the most memorable birthday yet! 

I met this wonderful person name Sharon! She is incredible and had one of the best stories to share. 

After sharing many memories with each other. She told me she was in the Army, how she moved to STL, the passing of her husband, her passion in crafts, and why she was working for the City Museum. After all of this, I asked her what her favorite holiday was, she told me that it was Christmas, but not anymore. I asked her why, and she told me that even though this is selfish, but she never get presents anymore under the tree. Well I told her that Christmas Magic can come back at anytime!:D

This past year has been amazing! 2014 was a great year for me! 

I ASMed Chistmas Carol last year, this was the first (and last for a long time) time to be ASM for such a large production. I may not be ready to SM but this position really taught me that any kind of stage managing is not for me...yet. 

I was apart of my last Lindenwood Production Anna Karenina as Levin! This was an amazing character to play. The story was two stories. Anna's and Levin's. Anna started out as having everything then went to nothing, I was the reverse. Over all just a fun show to play. 

I joined Tecumseh! For the second season playing a new character Kothee. This was an incredible experience. This show was brought to life with Jenny Male's incredible mind and the audience loved it! 

Just got new headshots. 

Met some of the most incredible people this year!

Seen some incredible state parks. 

Experienced riding Banshee before the public!! 

Part of a coaster club!

Many visits to my favorite amusement parks. 

(Almost) finished school

Accepted a contract with Missoula. 

Went to new states. 

Saw old friends. 

Explored my work as an artist and feel that I have come an extremely long way in my work and understanding.

Ran a half marathon 

Ran a 5K and placed 11th overall 2nd in age group. 

This is a sampling of my past year. It is always amazing wen we look back and we see how much we have done. This is just a start to this awesomeness. 

Thank you all for the support, lets do this!!

Daniel Sukup 

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