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Sunday, October 5, 2014

God has a plan.

Yes, we have all heard it 1000 times before, and we usually tune it out like the bunny ears on old televisions. However this statement is so true, God does have a plan!

Hello all,

I hope you weekend was amazing and filled with some riching memories. I know this weekend was all about rest (stupid injury) but I did get to hang out with my bestest friend!:) 

Now back on subject! 

God has a plan! 

In life we are presented with this thing called free will, and it does exist.  We can do whatever we want! However, don't for one second think that things will influence you. Sometimes they are physical and others they are spiritual.

Have you ever had this amazing dream for your life, let it be some realistic or not? I know I do, and I want to do this dream! I have come up with this path to get there also. However, God (and sometimes satan, talk about him in a sec) loves to guide us in a different path. 

In simple terms I want to change theatre, solve some major problems that I see. I have found a possible path! Now God comes alone and tells me that I should go this way. 

Recently I was hired at Missoula Children's Theatre as a touring actor! If you would have told me 3 months ago that I would be working in Montana, I would have laughed at you, but it is true. Is my next chapter and I firmly bieleve it is where God wants me. 

Now today, I sat back ad looksd at this job, I then came up with this idea that maybe I still can achieve my big dream, and this dream is what God wants me to do, and this job in MT is where is all begins. 

The reason for me saying this is simple the doors this jobs has will help me as an entrepreneur. I could learn many aspect to "revolutionize" theatre from them. I may have looked at my ideal path wrong and God is showing me a must greater path! I guess we will have to see. 

Enough about me, basically you need to trust God. He works in some of the craziest ways I have seen. If you take a journey of faith, you will be rewarded greatly! Now this is not to say that satan will not try to stop you! 

You will face bumps in the road, people will try to stop you. Your loved ones are going to be very good at trying to stop you, but you have to take this journey by yourself and have faith that God will lead you down a path of greatness. 

We look at what Abram had to do in his life, leave his country and blindly listen to God, but look what happen to him, he was gifted land! This could be us as long as we listen! 

We can never connect the dots looking forward, we can only connect the dots looking backward. -Steve Jobs. 

Have a great week and remember to listen, follow, and you will achieve! 

-Daniel Sukup 

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Cool well said