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Thursday, October 23, 2014



Eyes front,
Hands 10 and 2,
Left foot stay,
Right foot gas
Phone Away.

Eyes front,
Hands 11 and 3,
Right foot brake,
Left foot itches,
Phone vibrate.

Eyes on screen
Right hand LOL,
Left hand noon,
Left foot gas,
Right foot stay,
Phone tells like.

Eyes glued down,
Left hand BRB,
Left foot brake,
Right foot gas,
Right hand G2G,
Phone Says can't.

Eyes glaN...
Phone beeps

Eyes closed,
Hands numb,
Feet gone,
People hurt,
Phone Rings, rings, rings, rings...

-Daniel Sukup

*GOTDPWYD stands for "Get Off The Damn Phone While You're Driving"!


Check back here for more information regarding my website that will be live no later then November 19th! It will be phase one of two that will be completed before I graduate! I am excited to publish my website, and so should you be!

Please head over to: Daniel Sukup to have the link handy when I officially publish it

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