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Monday, October 20, 2014

Marathon weekend


If you have been reading my blogs, you will remember a year ago that I ran a marathon, but swore that I would not ever run one again!

I guess I ate my own words! 

Rock N' Roll Marathon series decided to do a 'remix challenge!' Meaning if you ran the 5K on Saturday and the 1/2 marathon or marathon on Sunday, you get an extra medal! 

I had to do this as it is my last time in STL !:) 

Here is a look at my weekend:

I love expos, they are a blast to attend! 

More expo, checkout lanes for all of the amazing purchases. 

So many people and exhibits!

Good morning to the 5K start! It began at 8am!:)

There is the start line, approx. 1200 runner ran on Saturday!

Now fast forward to Sunday, getting ready for my 1/2 marathon!

The start line! Over 14,000 runners are to run today!

I got to be in corral number 1!! Meaning I was the first group of people that left the start line!

I finished with a 1:42:39!! A new personal record!! So proud of myself!

Finally here are all 3 medals I earned this weekend! What an amazing experience! Would I do it again? Yes! I loved this and it was a huge challenge running by myself, but I did it! Stl's course is a very tough one being very hilly but I conqured it!

Yesterday, my legs killed me! I rested all day, soaked in a tub, and now this morning my legs are still stiff. I may not go to class, I guess we will see!;)

I think one of the best parts about doing these type of races is to push your body to extreme limits. This feeling is intense, but it shows you that if you can live this extreme physical pain, you can face anything in life, becuase nothing is as bad as passing out from lack of nutrition (last years marathon)! Also, you burn so much running, it is a blast to pig out after the race. 

If you ever want to do a running event, do it! The best thing I can say is to train, and then hit it! It will change you for the better!

Have an amazing start to the week!

Daniel Sukup 

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