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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bubble gum

Hello all,

As I get closer to graduation, I have started to make everything a little more entertaining. 

Case in point, sending emails to professors! Instead of the boring 'proffesional' email, I make it more fun!:)

This email I sent to a professor with a self eval attached that was due for midterms, take a read:

bubble gum 

Chewy Chewy bubble gum
Many flavors chew upon 
I am lost without a sum
looking till morning dawn 

Chewy Chewy bubble gum
Won’t you solve my lack of you?
Don’t make me think that I am dumb
or I may just have to sue!

I don’t know if it is possible
to take a gum to the court
But I won’t chance a Crucible  
Please don’t make me flee to the town of Dort

Chewy Chewy Bubble gum
I have given the eval to you
I won’t be climbing down the lum 
so look below before I sue

Hopefully we all can live 
with the flavor of choice 
Oh chewy chewy bubble gum
won’t you hear my voice?

- Daniel Sukup

Tell me, opening this email would put a smile on your face, right? 

Have an amazing rest of the week,


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