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Sunday, October 12, 2014

One week left!

I woah! Yes I am getting nervous! 

Hello all, 

This coming weekend I will be repeating something that only 1% of america ever does: I will be running a marathon! 

This year I am going to be running by myself, but it is a challenge I am ready to take by the horns! I will keep you all posted what happens!:)

The next order of busniess:

I have been working on my website for performance and it is coming a long. I am going to get v2 out by nov 1! I am super excited as I am about to graduate! When this site opens look for this inages:

I love red vines and you better also! 
Do you ever play a casino game? Well look what happened to me while playing big fish casino!

My first ever 1m+ win!! To bad it is not real life!:(

Lastly, here is another email I sent to my professor:

Short and sweet, 

short is sweet 
sweet isn’t short

a statement that is correct only one way
flip it and it will be wrong

sweet can’t be short
but short can be sweet

this is an example of short and sweet
but not sweet and short

to end this quickly
look below
find it and keep it

short and sweet.

- Daniel Sukup

Anyways, as it is raining down here in St  Louis and I want to go back to sleep!:)

Have a great Sunday, 

Daniel sukup

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