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Saturday, August 2, 2014

August events!

Wella day late is better then nothing!!

It will be a crazy last few weeks!

First off I am thrilled that I have so much awesomeness planed this moth, but sad that it is almost over!:(

Here is a breakdown of what is to come!

August 3rd: Hokcking Hills and having a very relaxful day!

August 4th- 9th: hopefully test for my Quarterstaff class

August 10th: surprises! Lets just say that something is turning 90!!

August 11th-16th: going to try and make it to Adena Mansion

August 17th: The Zoo!! 

August 18th-23rd: local stuff that I have been wanting to do!:) Go to the Hopewell Cultural Center. 

August 24th: CEDAR POINT! I will be meeting up with another Single Rider!:)

August 25th-30th: pack!:( get ready for school! But find some special stuff todo!

August 31st: make it back to STL! 

That is the month break down!:)

Tonight is our 50th show this season and it will rock! Read about it tomorrow! This show is not like any other show this season! But why?

Till tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Fast summer ,, but then they always are

Daniel Sukup said...

That is true! I wish they were slower!