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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Final week pt. 6

Hello all,

Well the final day, show, moments are here. Sugarloaf mountain is about to go dark for another amazing season! 

As many tears will be shed, many memories of the past will be remembered forever! 

Tonight will be the closing night to an among season! As many of you that have read my blogs this summer may know that I did not stop and let grass grow under my feet. I tried to do something all the time! 

Here is to the last night! An amazing cast that had made this experience incredible! I will miss you all crazy, but won't forget these memories!

Enough with all the memories and stuff, time for the fun! 

Ok, last year I did this and I will do it this year, stats of the summer:

1) 74 tours
2) 74 mouth blood bags
3) 222 fights this season
4) 0 gun fires
5) 148 falls for public
6) 301 career falls
7) 7,425 feet fallen in career
8) 24 wigs cleaned
9) 1 line mess up 
10) approx 725 hours given to this show

There are all of the fun facts this seasons!

Filled up with gas (.50¢ off a gallon)

Cabin is clean

And trash taken out

Sign out sheet ready and now for the final show! 

Much love! See you soon Tecumseh! 

Daniel Sukup 

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