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Friday, August 29, 2014

Final week pt. 5

Hello all,

As you may have read on Facebook, today is an extremely special day for me. 

Today marks that 300th highfall that I have been paid to do. That means I have been paid to fall 7,400 feet in two summers! 

That is great then a mile of falling!

That is almost the same length of the worlds longest wooden coaster! 

That is longer then America's longest steel coaster. 

I could name many other facts but I feel you all get the point. 

When I learned this highfall last summer, I asked myself, "what the hell am I doing?", and from that point on I continued to fall for people. 

I have been blessed to do tours for the past two summers, I hope I can continue the streak for next summer. 

The first time you learn to fall, your body wants to stop you. I mean why not! You are making your body fall from a height that could kill you! You body does not want to do that. 

However, once your body trusts the fall pad below, you are able to do it over and over. Just don't ever get to comfortable or you will hurt yourself. Always remembering what you have to do will save your life. If you get lazy, then you could die. I have to remind myself how dangerous this stunt is or I could get to lazy. 

Now back to today, I just finished my last tour of the season and I had a blast. I could not be more thrilled by the conclusion of these tours. 

I want to give a shout out to my tour partners for being amazing! We had a very strong tour this year and it was pleasure to work with all three of you! 

Cheney, you are a crazy awesome your partner. The cambat section of the tour would not have been as thrilling or fun without your energy. Every day you brought it, and we killed it. You know how to feed off the crowd and make them laugh! For that I thank you for an incredible season and hope to work with you agin. 

For the two tour guides, did not get to work with you much in the tour (obviously) but both of you were great at lead the tour through the backstage and making it fun for the tour patrons. Good work this summer and I do hope our path cross again in some maner. 

Now to the real action, below you will find picture of the final tour day and my 300th fall!:)

Getting ready!:)

Oh my goodness! It is here!:(

And I am ready to go on! 

Tour selfie! 

My love to everyone and have a great last two shows!

Daniel Sukup 


the mother ship said...

Congratulations! Now where is the video of the fall?

Daniel Sukup said...

I will be posting soon, just not yet. Don't have great internet.