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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Final week pt. 3

Hello all,

Today I start to make my final stops in Chillicothe Ohio!:( 

With only 3 full days left in the area, i need to say good bye to some of the best food, bars, and hidden spots of Chilliothe. 

Let's start out with Crispie Creme Doughnut shop! This is the best doughnuts I have ever had. Yes, it is a CC not a KK. 

I try to stop once a week, but that sometimes does not happen. Anyways, I always get two glazed doughnuts and counter coffee. I get that same order so much, when I walk in they start pouring my coffee and getting my doughnuts! Now that is a great place! The doughnuts are to die for! The perfect amount if air in the dough, a beautiful glaze, and the best coustmer service I have had in a long time!

After being there for breakfast, an amazing go spot for Lunch is Grinders

This place is family owned and features some of the best coffee I have ever had at a resturant. The food is superb, the atmosphere only adds to the experience and the history of this town.  

The food prices are not bad. My thoughts are that they rep event the food quality very well. 

They have signature chips, that you have to get, that are also very good. 

Now after finishing up at Grinders, you may need some coffee. 

Both coffee shops in chillicothe are incredible! They will get to know you quickly and are super sweet. The coffee at Coffee craze and rayz is ok, but the atmosphere and the couches are amazing!!

The coffee at Schlagels (spelling?) is the best, the atmosphere is incredible! Very chill, but no tv to unwind. I prefer their coffee over anyone's else (minus Starbucks) and would go there more if I wanted to just chill and read. 

After your coffee you may need to walk around and see some parks. 

Chillicothe has some of the most amazing parks that I have seen. When you come to this town, you would be surprised that these parks exist here. They have incredible cliffs, rocks formations, views, and beautiful forests!! 

If you are like me and love history, for some reason Chillicothe is the heart of the Earthworks in America. The concentration of earthworks in this area is higher then any other place in America or the world! Earthworks are mounds, or shapes created by the natives some 2000 years ago! Simple breath taking to see!

After you long adventure, you will want a beer! But where? Well now being here for two summers, I have been to every bar here. I have narrowed it down to two bars: Cross Keys, and Stiener's Speakeasy! These are the best bars that offer the most variety, best prices, best chilled atmosphere, and simple the best service.  

I have never been to bars that are so happy to serve you, to greet you, and always make sure you are happy. I also tell them to make me something, I don't care what, and they do it! It might be that know me to well now!;)

Go to these palces if you are ever in chillicothe for a fun experice of the town itself!! That is chillicothe in a nut shell. There are so many palces in this town that will make your day bright, but only wanted to highlight a few!:)

Look out for tomorrow's post!:) we are getting closer to the end and tomorrow will be a surprise!

Daniel Sukup 

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