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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Amusment park adventure pt. 3

The final of the saga!:)

We last left our Heros at Stricker's Grove. 

After this amazing park, I headed back to Kings Island to hit up the lazy river a few times. 

Let me tell you, I used to hate lazy rivers, now I am a huge fan of them! 

I feel asleep in the river!:) 

After this, I noticed the time, got changed quickly, ran to the main theater. I was about to see Cirque Imagine. I have heard many great things about this show and wanted to see if it lived up to the talk! 

Well this show lasted for 25 minutes and featured many stunts and unique ways to use the space. The best part were the 4 clowns. They made the show extremely funny. Now in 25 minutes the story line can't get to deep, but there still was one and it worked. 

I will admit that this is the first time in my life that I gave an amausement park show a standing ovation!! It was simply incredible! It made me even state that te entertainment industry needs to watch out for amausement parks (as long as they continue to put money into entertainment.) if you get a chance to get to Kings Island, then SEE THIS SHOW! 

Well moving on!

I was super excited to finally ride Drop Zone (again) that is why this photo is blurry, also it was raining! 

I did also get to ride Banshee in the pouring rain and that was a great experience!!

Finally the main reason for this trip was to get one more night ride on the Beast! It was amazing! Ride after a heavy rain storm and she was smooth sailing!

I love the Beast at night! What a great roller coaster!!

Well that concludes my amausement park adventure! 

Oh and btw never leave your phone with someone you trust, this will happen:

And many many more phots! I would say around 20!:) 

Love my coaster family out there! You are all great people!!

Till next time,

Daniel Sukup 

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