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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Amusement Park Adventure pt. 2

Hello all,

We continue on my adventure!!

After KI, I headed to Stricker's Grove! This is an amusement park that is only open to the public 4 times a year!! 

It so happened that one of them was the past Sunday! This park was worth the 30 min drive!!

First off, this is a family fun park that does not really have rules but extreme safety! The seatbelts were simply amazing! 

This park is extremely famous becuase of the roller coaster Tornado! This happens to be the first major coaster to ever be built by some random guy that wanted to build a coaster! It is a full 1,300 foot track with all of the do hickies of a normal coaster!

That is Tornado in the park ground and the Electric Rainbow in the foreground! 

Both rides were very thrillin and I have not rode one of those spinning rides in years!!

They also had these flying scooters there, they are not as good as the Cedar Point ones, but still fun to say the least!

This ride is normally for kids, but they let us on! It was a crazy and thrilling ride the whips you really good!!

Here is me enjoying my ride! In the background were some enthusiasts that were at KI for Coasting for Kids!!

This was me on my favorite flat ride there, Tip Top!  I did not get a good photo of this ride but basically it is Tea Cups on steroids!!!

Oh and lets not for get the really cool train they had!! 

Or the really cool put put golf course they had!

Now how much did this all cost?


This included my admission, unlimited rides, free parking, and free sodas!! 

We also had

$1 popcorn
$1 snow cones
$1 hot dogs

All of this was simply amazing and I will make a trip back next year, if given the opportunity. 

after this I headed to....FIND OUT TOMORROW!!

Have a great evening,

Daniel Sukup 

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