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Friday, July 18, 2014

Quarterstaff Class

Hello all,

The last two weeks have been existing, exciting, thrilling, and memorable. 

I took an opportunity to learn something new. The opportunity to be reconized in the Quarterstaff weapon by the SAFD. 

I mentioned this awhile back, however never went into great detail what I was doing. I hope this will help some of the confusion to fly away. 

Quarterstaff is a wooden staff about 6' tall. We are learning the proper stage combat way to use this weapon. 

We have learned the different foot work movements, the areas of attack, and also the many focus of targeting.  

Areas of attack include: head, should, flank, leg, and groin. 

When attacking any area, we always use negative energy by sending the wonderful away from my partner at all time. I don't want to hurt my partner. 

I always want to  make sure that I am aiming for the target, not hitting sticks. You want the fight to look strong and aggressive but always safe!!!

Now today we have our test to see if we pass or fail. This will simply mean that we passed the skills proficiency test or failed. But if we pass we will be reconized in the weapon by the SAFD. 

I won't be testing becuase my partner is injured, but I will be demoing a fight with Adam whose partner is always injured. Next week/when the get better, we will film them and send then in and test that way. 

I am excited and ready for this adventure to come to a conclusion! I will keep everyone posted. 

Have a great weekend 

Daniel Sukup 

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