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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Double Rainbow

Hello all,

Don't ever let me go to an art museum, I will spend all of my money! 

You may wonder why this post is titled double rainbow. It is what it is. 

Does anyone have the app "timehop"? This app can tell you status updates from years past. 

Today, my Facebook status 4 years ago was about seeing a double rainbow and how it effected me. 

I was at work, life guarding. It was the 6-9 pm time slot. We just had some rain. About to close for te night. I was guarding the "baby" pool area. This area allowed me to walk around. I noticed this beautiful rainbow. As I watched it more ( there was no one in the pool at the time) I noticed that it was started to form another one. At this point I was elated that I was witnessing a double rainbow!! 

If you all remember the YouTube video of the guy on shrooms, I was just that happy but without the shrooms. It was an experience, a life changing memory that will last for time. 

I won't forget seeing something that amazing. Even to this day, I have only see that double rainbow!! 

Ok this may have been the most pointless post for a majority of people. However, remember to take life by the horns and to never pass up an opportunity to have a memory that sticks with you for years to come. 

It may be by afluke or it may be planned. Just do it. My new advice is: if your body is not tired then you are not living live to the fullest. Now this strikes out work. But if you are traveling to new places it counts. 

As example: having 4 hours of sleep to spend 13 hours at an amazing park and have 6 hours of driving. That was so worth it!:)

Anyways, have a great week and remember to have fun!!


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