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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hello all,

This past Friday, something huge happened, our 50% show!!! We are now 50% done with Tecumseh! :( 

That means 37 shows have past! 

I have offical worked 111 shows now and it is still sad to think we are going down hill now. 

Only 36 (after Saturday's show) shows left! 

To think this summer has gone as quickly as it has, is a little disturbing!! I remember just getting on the mountain, like it was yesterday! 

Many memories and friends have formed this summer, these relationships will just get stronger by show 74. I could not be more happy to be living with this great cast and crew and help make this show as epic as it is!

To help celebrate, we had the Tecusmeh Alumni Association come and see the show yesterday! They brought so much energy and passion that it pumped is up, or it did for me!:) I felt that Saturday was one of my strongest shows ever. 

To think we are going down hill is simply a crazy thought. To think that July is already half over is a crazy thought. It gets crazier: I graduate in December!!! 

That is something that is extremely strange to be done with school! However I am not going I to detail about that just yet. 

Also it needs to be mentioned that Bev is almost at her 100th time seeing Tecumseh! She is incredible! I can't wait to celebrate with her on this accomplishment!!! 

Anyways I am going to order ice cream! Ha! 

Have a great day and have fun!!

Daniel Sukup 

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Anonymous said...

Wow half way through....unreal, it is so good to see you are still in love with this..I am so happy And proud of you....just keep holding on to the horns sometime life bucks a bit so ya need to hold on ya bud. :dad