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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Pursday(?)

Don't ask me why it is called Thursday Pursday. It is random. 

Today is payday and that means I have more money!:) I love my life!:) 

One thing I have noticed about this summer: I have gotten so close to so many amazing people! This group, we do some of the craziest and laziest thing in the world! 

As you know we are going to go kayaking this Sunday and that will be an adventure!:) can't wait to update on that!! 

We have been watching New Girl! One of my new favorite tv shows. Mic Mou!! 

One thing is for certain: I never get to bed before 2am now!:) we are always watching something, a movie or a tv show. 

I love them so much!:)

Today I traveled to Ciricleville to see a Friend. We had coffee and talked for hours. Reminds me of coffee dates with Craig Jones. We would just sit and talk for hours about everything. Those are the types of things I really enjoy!! 


Last night we had an extremely interesting show. First act was about 85° out with the humidity being about 99%. The second act was where it changed. 

Intermission the storm camea rolling through. We held the show for a good 30-35 minutes. It was looking a little shady, but we were able to get started again!!

We had about an hour break and then started the show again. This time the temp was about 75° with very little humidity. It was two completely different shows. When we started back up, I felt like we were just doing another show. I was not tired like I normally am after the first act becuase of that break. 

Tonght, we have a small chance for rain, should be nothing....hopefully!!


I hope you have an amazing Thursday/Friday! I will update again soon. I have this plan on Saturday. What is it?? Well you will have to follow along to find out. 

If you know anything special to do this summer, please pass along the ideas!!

Daniel Sukup 

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