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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Impromptu Cedar point trip!!

*please note: this was written on an iphone at 12am after a long day. There are to be errors in the typing. Errors will be corrected as soon as possible. 

Wow!! What a day! 

I decided to have a Cedar Point trip literally two days ago!:) to was about the experience and not about ride count!!

Let me first day that I discovered so many things that I never knew where at Cedar Point! I am can now say without a doubt that this is my favorite place in the world!!

Lets do a play by play!:)

Let see how long it takes you to find me! This was a photo for the Walk back for coaster club members! Have you found me yet?? 3...2...1...give up? Well if you could not guess that I am the most excited person in the photo then you need to spend some time with me!:) I am the one with both hands up with a huge grin!!

The walkback only happens on Saturday and Sundays and is only allowed for Coaster Clubs approved by Cedar Point only! This walkback happens 10 minutes before the Platinum pass holders are allowed in! They take a photo each time!:)

That was the start to the amazing day!:)

After getting a few rides in on Millennium Force, Raptor, and Mavrick the park opened and it was... Not that packed at all! My main goal was to do things I have never done. Where to start!:)

Ohhh how about this guy! Back in 2009 you were able to play this for 10¢ a play. However you can't play him anymore. Back in 2009 we (my family) spent about $10 trying to make the damn monkey scream! You see that lever, you pull that as hard as possible to make it scream. It only screams when the monkey reaches the top! Well that never happened. 

This guy! He has a great story! It is said to be hunted. When it used to be on the ride, no one would ride it. They moved it to three different rides and still no one would ride this horse. One reason is becuase the legs on the far side are both coming up, this is unnatural and the children knew this and had a fear that the horse would fall over. Also it has been stated that someone's ashes where placed in this horse. Also many prople refuse to work in the museum becuase of the strange occurrences that happen around this horse. 

Ok enough about my favorite non ride thing at Cedar Point. 

Zomg! The best kept secret at Cedar Point! Tilt-a-whirl!!! This is my favorite flat ride ever to be made in the history if rides. It is so simple but incredible!! If you get a chance: RIDE IT!!

Moving on to another great ride: Lake Erie Eagles! This ride is awesome if you know how to snap it!! I was so good at it on my second time that the ride op was worried I was going to get the cables tangled up!:) of course the chances of that are extremely slim, if not impossible. I just don't know enough about how this ride is made to say for sure. 

This ride is new for 2014, and added for much fun to Cedar Point. Speaking of fun, lest move to another ride that I rode for the first time!!

Matterhorn!! This is an amazing flat ride! It is even better if you can get the car EXTREMELY off balance to get you an very unique experience! Since I am a single rider, the car was about 175 pounds off balance!! I got the car past 90degrees! For those that have ridden it know what I mean. Everyone else, all I can do to describe this ride is this photo:

Those are the cars that swing. 

Before I forget and get to far with my day, I have to tell you that I did do the petting zoo, but forgot to take photos with me and the animals!:(

To add more excitement to the day: Dinosours Alive is free for platinum pass member and it provided amazing views of my Favorite Coaster!:) look at Instagram for a really cool video!:) 

Let's take a break from photos and describe the rest of the day!

From doing everything above, I also watch glass get blown, learned about water mills in a tour that I never knew existed, went to soak city for the first time ever, tried the daily meal plan, went to the beach, walked the boardwalk, and so much more!:)


(Hotel around the boardwalk)

I really want to bring the attention the the Daily Meal plan! If you don't visit much, then this is a 100% must have!! For $32.16 you get to each from a wide selection every 90minutes. Drinks are not included, but that was not a big deal for me for I only drink water!:) today I had 7 meals! Yes I made sure that I got my money worth! I are over $105 worth of food for only $32! This good was lot crap either, it was very good! From pizza, grilled chicken, chicken fingers, cheese on a stick, and many other items that I did not get the chance to have. 

Today I was not running for rides, I was running to eat good becuase my 90 minutes where up! Yes I can say that was the first time that I ran for amusement park food!:)

Soak City in short was fun, but needs more slides. For a small water park it was a blast. I would say they have one of my favorite lazy rivers ever! The rest of the park was small but was relaxing. Much needed with only 4 hours of sleep. After soak city, I left to see what else to do!

After a few more rides, I ended the night with a front row ride on Top Thrill Dragster!:) it was perfect for I have not been in front row for 5 years! 

I wanted to see some shows, but I never got around to it...opps. 

Finally I need to talk about the Gimini midway. 

Incredibly beautiful! I am so thrilled that Cedar Point has been focusing on aesthetics when deigning a location. 

The lighting packages are these rides are amazing! I was super excited to see the chances in person for the first time!! 

Finally I leave you with this:

The perfect ending day pic! Love this park! I will be back this summer!:D



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