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Monday, June 2, 2014

This it is!

Hello all,

I was checking my Timehop app today and noticed that a year ago today I wrote a blog about adding the blood in!:) 

I thought, "hey let us continue the tradition!" Unfortunately, I missed the 'tonight we add blood', instead tonight we add body makeup!:) 

The body makeup processes adds the final touch to the actor in this show. We have our wigs, war paint, costumes, and the various props we use. The only thing misses is (will be) the body makeup. 

The power that we use is made up of - wait I can't tell you that, it is the secert formula of Tecumseh! (I don't know about that, I just don't know the formula.) 

Once we have this power, we apply it to our bodies, minus the face. This process takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on how good you can get it on. 

Our faces we don't use this power becuase it would cause irritation and other gross and boring stuff. Instead we use either a creme stick or a cake of a certain color that matches the power. Then we add the highlight and shadow. 

The final product will be very nice and it almost completes the show! I will get some pictures of me with it on, just so you can see the changes. 

Other final touches we have left include: bringing the battle of 2.8 up to speed, added the receptacles, gun fire, torches to the battle as well! After all of this added in, I don't think we have anything else. 

We open this FRIDAY!! 74 shows of awesomeness! 74 shows of loud booms! 74 shows! That is a lot but it is well worth it!!

Have a fantastic Monday! If you know me well: HAPPY WWDC DAY!!:) I am a huge Apple fan and will have a blog about WWDC tomorrow or the next day! Stay tuned!

Daniel Sukup 


the mother ship said...

So have you learned any new things or just upping the tempo on what you learned last year?

Daniel Sukup said...

I am doing some new stuff. Most of everything I am doing is new. All new fights, character, and also different focus on scenes.