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Thursday, May 29, 2014

8 days to go!

One week and one day! Wow! 

Time on the mountain travels at different speeds on different days. It feels like I have been living on Sugarloaf Mountain for months now, but it only has been a handful of days. 

The rehearsal process has been 'speeding up' time. I can't believe we open in 8 days but at the same time it feels like a life time. 

This year has been extremely interesting with the rehearsal process. We have been surgar coating everything little by little. A little horse action here, some fire there, and a nice layer of costumes. Slowly everything has been added and it looks, feels, and breaths Tecumseh! 

This summer the cast is super strong, we have become family in a short time (knock on wood that it stays that way), I feel as if I have known these actors for a lifetime! 

Everything has been going super smoothly. Even the highfalls. This year there are only 4 people performing them. Sam (the instructor) has it extremely easy becuase 3 of the high fallers have done it in the past. With only one new learner, the process will go very smooth this summer! 

Summer...that reminds me that weather can get hot. Fortunately it has been like last summer, in that it is cool/warm but unfortunately wet. Hopefully It will not be as wet as last summer but that still has to develop. 

As for now, I must be off to rehearsal. We moved rehearsals from 10am to 11am to be able to start at show time! Looking forward to our first 'show time' run tonight! 

Daniel Sukup 

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