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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Opening Night 2014

It is here! Tecumseh! 2014

The last three weeks have traveled in a weird way! They flew by, but at the same time it feels as if I have been here for many months! You will most likely hear that many more times this summer!

Tecumseh 2014 is officially open and last night's opening night was incredible! All around we killed it! The show had so much energy that Uncle Noelte would be proud! The war dance blew the roof of the place... yes I know there is not a roof at this theater.

Last night we had a great get together by the fire with lots of food! I think I happen to have 3 hamburgers and 2 brats. We did not get finished up until 2:30am! Simply to put it, it was an amazing realizing night filled with great memories to come for a life time!

Today is the first day we don't have anything going on in the afternoon. It is a little strange, but something we will get use to! I did not have tours today, but I made one killer lunch! It never fails,  but I make way to much food!

Speaking of tours, yesterday's tour was great! The crowd on the other hand was low energy, BUT THEY STILL LOVED IT! I had people come up to me after meet and greet and stayed how much they enjoyed the Pyro, combat, and highball! They may even come back they said! ]

Tonight is our second show of 74! It will be killer or my name is not Daniel Sukup!:) I don't know what that is to mean.

I am loving playing Kothee. He has this amazing fight in 2.8 that I had to learn to work with a spear. That presented itself with a new challenge and now I want to learn more! The spear is an amazing weapon to work with! I also have a nice shoulder roll in that same battle! If you see the show, you will know what I am talking about!

Finally we have another gathering tonight provided by the Scioto Society, INC. They are the generous people that are behind Tecumseh! I will make sure that I get many photos and share them all!! Great memories are going to be had!

Moving on to one more bit of business:


This sunday I will be participating in my first ever Coasting for Kids event! I am going to be at Kings Island f
rom 8am to 11pm! It will be amazing! We get to ride Diamondback, Racer, and Banchee all day tomorrow. Food will be provided!! I can't wait! I will be getting many photos of this event! Look for a post about all of that jazz on Monday!!

Last bit of information: I officially RAISED: $310!!! I am even more thrilled to announce that Team TPR has raised OVER $41,000 this year!! I am simply in shock! All money raised is going to Give the Kids the World! This will help them expand, sponsor families, and provided memories for Kids with terminal illness!


I have been in SHOCK at how much I have raised and the event has raised!!

Other then that, I am officially done! I will be talking about understudy rehearsals next week, look out for that post as well!! As for now that is all I have

Daniel Sukup

Remember: Today is a day that has never been lived!

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